Start your first campaign

How to create a campaign and what the campaign group is.


  1. Sign up to and connect your Amazon Ads account (seller or vendor).

  2. Enable products with a daily budget and Target ACoS.

  3. Within 5-10 minutes you will find your campaigns created in Amazon Ads console. Pause any other active campaigns on the same products in the Amazon Ads console to receive traffic.



We recommend starting with products with historical advertising data, 15+ reviews, and 3+ stars.

Historical data

Historical data is imported automatically and is used to create new optimized campaigns. The "Analytics" section is initially empty because it only displays data from Advigator's campaigns.

Existing campaigns

Your current campaigns won't be changed. Any optimizations are applied to a new campaign created in a portfolio named "Advigator."

Large Catalog

  • If you have lots of Parent ASINs, then bulk operations might be useful.

  • If you manage thousands of parent ASINs across dozens of browse nodes, grouping products by browse node can be effective (see Advigator > Settings > Grouping Method > Browse Node). However, with fewer browse nodes (< 10), grouping at the parent ASIN level is recommended.

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