Search term report analysis

How and why Advigator imports and analyzes the Search Term Report.

The search terms report shows the results of your ad campaigns.

If you are curious, you could download it by going to Amazon Ads console > Reports > Search terms.

For each day and keyword, it lists how many times your ad was seen, clicked on, and led to an order. Knowing this helps you decide how much to pay for each click based on how well your ads are doing.

Going through this data takes a lot of time because you need to organize it, make special tables in Excel, and check the information often as it updates daily. When you use this data to figure out how much to pay for clicks, you also have to think about what to do when there's not much information.

Advigator automates this every 24 hours. It imports data from Amazon, cleans it, recalculates the optimal bids per click, and updates your Amazon campaigns directly.

New Search Terms

The report is called "search terms" because it includes the "customer search term" column, which is the actual term customers type into Amazon's search bar. This can differ from the keyword if it's in phrase/broad match or in an automatic targeting campaign. Search terms tell you exactly what the end customer searched for and their metrics.

Let's say you have the keyword "golf" in phrase match, and in the search terms report you have these data

KeywordMatch typeCustomer search termClicksOrders



golf mat




golf balls


The search term "golf mat" has a 10% conversion rate compared to 1% for "golf balls".

The overall conversion rate for the keyword "golf" is 5.5% (total orders = 11, total clicks = 200, CVR = 11/200).

The issue is, if you only look at conversions at the keyword level, for "golf" you'd set a low bid per click because you're relying on that 5%.

In reality, you should create two keywords: "golf mat" and "golf balls", and set a higher bid per click for "golf mat" and a much lower one for "golf balls" to use your budget more efficiently.

Advigator does all this automatically for you. So, you don't need to do any calculations or download an Excel sheet.

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