Change bids

Advigator automatically calculates the bids per click for each keyword based on all available data and updates them directly in your campaigns.

However, you might want to increase the bids per click to increase visibility or decrease them to enhance profitability. Here are several ways that influence bids per click:

Change ACoS Target

Bids per click are calculated based on the ACoS target.

If you raise it, the bids will be increased. If you lower it, the bids will be decreased.

For example, if you change the Target ACoS from 20% to 30%, the bids per click will increase by 50% (30/20 - 1).

Custom Targeting

You can set a bid per click for a specific keyword by going to Targeting > Custom Targeting.

  • Fixed bid: You enter the bid and it will never be changed.

  • Percentage: You enter a percentage increase or decrease to apply to the automatically calculated bid per click.

Expiration date: You can set a validity period for your bid per click, after which it will automatically revert to the optimal bid calculated. Leave blank for an indefinite duration.

Keep an eye on Custom Targeting because the bids per click you choose will never be reduced, even if the ACoS increases.

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