Agency billing strategies

If you are an agency, you can manage your client's accounts with a single account. You can link them all to a single payment method (agency) or charge the individual clients directly.

Manage all clients with a single Advigator account.

  1. Ask each brand to invite you as a secondary user in Amazon Advertising and ensure you have read/write permissions.

  2. You will then have an Amazon Advertising account like, with which if you log into, you will see all clients' campaigns and can create and edit campaigns.

  3. Sign up for Advigator and link your agency's Amazon Advertising account ( You will see a list of all your clients and can import all or some.

  4. If you have other colleagues, you can have them sign up for Advigator with another email and then connect the same Amazon Advertising account (


Now, you can charge the Advigator subscription all to your agency or individual clients.

Option #1: All accounts charged to your Agency

Go to Settings > Billing and add the payment method in the agency's name.

We recommend doing this from the main agency account because invoices will be sent to it and it will be the only one able to change billing information.

Below, you will see which marketplaces/accounts are associated with that payment method. If it's an agency, you can expect dozens of accounts linked.

The Advigator fee will be calculated based on the advertising spend of all those accounts and charged to that payment method.

Option #2: The customer enters their payment method

You could also have the client sign up for Advigator and add their payment method, and then you have an account as a collaborator that manages the campaigns.

  1. Have the client sign up at

  2. Ask the client to enter their payment details by going to Settings > Billing.

If all is ok, when you (the agency) access Advigator and go to your client's campaigns, you will see this message.

Switching from client to Agency

Previously, the subscription was charged to the client, and now you want to switch it under your agency.

  1. Ask each client to go to Settings > Billing

  2. Select the payment method, and click on "(X) marketplaces" to view the marketplaces associated with that payment method.

  3. Here, the client can disconnect a marketplace from their payment method.

  1. Log into Advigator with your agency account and go to Settings > Billing.

  2. Associate the customer's marketplace with your payment method

  3. If the client returns to his or her dashboard in Advigator, he or she will see the campaigns and budget with the notice: "This profile is being managed with the payment method of"

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