Stop keyword research

Keyword Harvesting is the process of looking for new keywords. It's always enabled and performed automatically. The goal is to find new relevant keywords to advertise the product.

Stopping this process may make sense if you are highly focused on profitability and have already reduced Target ACoS. The trade-off is that you may have a reduction in sales.

Targeting selection from Search term reports

Go to Targeting > Settings >Targeting selection and choose conservative.

Remove phrase / broad+ match types

Amazon scraping data

Remove the check from "Amazon Web scraping", "Expensive" and "No prime shipping eligible.

Pause Sponsored Products Auto

Set the daily budget of the Sponsored Product Auto campaign to 0%.

Halting this process might decrease sales originating from potential new search terms.

It's important to note that search terms that have previously led to at least one order will always be included in Targeting, unless they have been explicitly removed through a negative keyword.

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