Import data from another product

Imagine you've made a new Parent ASIN, which is a new version or replacement for an old product. In Advigator, these are seen as different Parent ASINs, so their data doesn't automatically switch over.

But, you can manually make the new product using the old one's campaign data.

Go to: Advigator > Targeting > Settings > Import From.. and pick the old product's campaigns.

This makes the new and old campaign groups act as one, sharing the same keywords and bid amounts. You just need to add any new negative or custom keywords if needed.

Only do this if the new product's price and how often it sells are similar to the old one. If they're not, your bid amounts might be too high or too low, leading to an ACoS (advertising cost of sales) that doesn't match your target.

You might want to use this feature just for a little while. Once the new campaign starts getting orders, you can stop using the old settings and go back to the usual ones.

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