Missing products

Can't find an ASIN you want to promote?

Sync Catalog

Import your catalog by going to Advigator > Settings > Import Products.

After that, try searching for the ASIN in the campaign groups search bar. If you frequently add new products, you can set up periodic synchronization.

Looking for a Parent ASIN?

A parent ASIN doesn't exist in Amazon Ads because it's ineligible. Instead, search for a child ASIN in the search bar to discover which campaign group it belongs to.

Is the product in the Amazon Ads console?

  1. Go to the Amazon Ads console.

  2. Click to create a Sponsored Products campaign.

  3. Look at the product list section; verify if the missing child ASIN is in the product list and the status is "In stock".

  4. If not, contact Amazon Ads console support for help.


If you are a vendor, products are retrieved through the Vendor Code for which inventory is available. Verify that a vendor code is associated with your advertising account. Contact your vendor manager for more information.

Is the product eligible?

Ensure the product has available inventory and you're the Buybox winner. Also, check if the product shows up in the search results when you search for the ASIN in Amazon's search bar.

Contact our support

If you've checked all this and still need help, contact our support with:

  • Child ASIN and Marketplace

  • A screenshot showing the product can be sponsored in the Amazon Ads console

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