Choose target ACoS

The target ACoS is your desired ACoS.

Advigator uses it to calculate bids per click for each keyword/target so that the campaign group's actual monthly ACoS is as close as possible to the target ACoS.

If you just signed up, choose a target ACoS close to your current monthly ACoS. Once you see orders and clicks flowing, gradually adjust it to your desired long-term value.

Your historical ACoSTarget ACoS in Advigator









50 - 100%


This way, the campaigns are more likely to generate traffic because the bids per click will be similar to before. If you choose a target ACoS that is much lower than the historical ACoS, you risk that the campaigns will not generate spending.

Change Target ACoS

You can change it anytime, and it will immediately change bids in your campaigns.

If you increase the ACoS Target, you are increasing bids per click. Campaigns will start spending daily budget faster. The product will appear better in sponsored search results, and more people will likely click. Because the cost per click (CPC) will increase, the final ACoS will also increase, thus decreasing the product's profitability. Therefore, when increasing the target ACOS, knowing the risks and having a well-planned daily budget is advised.

If you reduce the target ACoS, bids per click will decrease, campaigns will spend the budget more slowly, and the product will appear in worse positions in search results. If you reduce it significantly, it may disappear altogether.

Changing the target ACoSProCons

Increase Target ACoS

  • Better sponsored positions

  • High impressions / clicks

  • Lower profitability

  • Budget spent faster

Reduce Target ACoS

  • Higher profitability

  • Lower clicks

  • Budget not spent

As a general rule, bids per click change proportionally to the target ACoS. So if you increase from 15% to 30%, the bids will increase by +100% from the previous value, while if you reduce from 30% to 15%, bids will decrease by -50%.

The optimal long-term Target ACoS

In general, we recommend a Target ACoS between 5-30% so that campaigns are slightly profitable and you can keep them active in the long run.

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