Choose daily budget

The daily budget is the maximum amount you will spend for that group of campaigns. The value you enter will then be efficiently distributed among the various advertising formats.

We recommend starting with what you are used to spending on Amazon Ads. Or $5-10/day if you don't have historical data.

What if the Budget is Not Enough?

By going to Analytics > Budget Usage, you will see the actual consumption and, if necessary, the recommended value to keep the campaigns active throughout the day.

You don't need to think too much about the optimal value. We will suggest it to you after we have some data.

Why Isn't the Entire Budget Spent?

Campaigns in Advigator do not aim to spend the entire budget. So, it is an expected result if it is not fully consumed. The budget may not be fully spent for two reasons.

Target ACoS Constraint

Advigator does not use the daily budget to determine how much to spend. Our campaigns do not aim to spend the entire budget because they are constrained by your chosen target ACoS. Ironically, if you set $10,000 per day with a target ACoS of 5%, the campaigns might spend very little because the bids per click will be very low. However, if you increase the target ACoS from 5% to 30%, the campaign will start to spend the budget you set.


The number of monthly searches and the percentage of users who click on the sponsored product might be lower than expected.

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