Increase sales

Increasing sales is a long-term process, here are some factors you can work on.

This guide applies if your product generates clicks and orders and you want to increase orders. See the "low impressions" guide if it is not generating traffic.

The trade-off between ACoS and sales

Firstly, you must choose a target ACoS to keep the campaigns active over the long term. A high ACoS will increase visibility (and hopefully sales), but soon, you might be forced to stop the campaigns due to cash flow issues. If you want to increase sales in the short term, then raising the ACoS target is the easiest option. However, if your horizon is longer, set it so the product is at least slightly profitable.

Every category has different margins. They could vary from 5% to 40%, depending on your industry.

Ensure the budget is sufficient.

Occasionally, go to Analytics > Budget usage and ensure the budget is not exhausted before the end of the day. You can set the recommended budget to ensure sufficient for the entire day.

Also, look at the historical budget usage data. If you see that the curve is flat before the end of the day, the campaign did not spend the budget for the rest of the day due to the budget.

Ensure negatives aren't blocking traffic.

You might have added too many negative keywords that are blocking traffic. Go to Targeting > Negative Targeting and check your added negative keywords/products.

Common issues among users include:

  • You have added a word in "Negative Target > Title" that often appears in the titles of competing products from which you want to receive traffic instead.

  • You have excluded too many competing categories in "Negative Targeting > Category."

  • You have added negative keywords only because the search term had a high ACoS, even though it drove sales.

Enable all advertising formats.

One way to increase sales is to expand your visibility. Activate Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Brand Video.

Improve conversion rate (CVR %)

To boost sales, you need to increase the percentage of clicks that arrive on the page and convert them into orders. This is measured by the conversion rate (orders/clicks), and you want it to be as high as possible. To increase it, you need to reduce friction for the consumer and make purchasing easier. Here are some methods:

Analyze frequently asked questions

  1. Install our free Chrome extension.

  2. Search for your product's primary keyword in the Amazon search bar.

  3. Click on the "Customer questions" tab.

  4. Read the most frequent questions and ensure this information is easily available on your product page. The most requested information could be included as infographics in secondary images or bullet points.

Analyze customer reviews

You could do something similar by analyzing competing products' negative or positive reviews. If your product solves problems often encountered in other products, highlight these features in your listing.

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