Low impressions

You've started a campaign but it's not generating impressions. Here are possible reasons:

ACoS Target is too low

If your product isn't selling much, your bid for each click might be too low to hit your ACoS target.

  • Try increasing your ACoS target to increase your bid for each click.

  • Go to Targeting > Custom Targeting and add your main keyword with a high (1-2$) fixed bid. If this generates impressions it means that the ACoS target was too low and not achievable.

Enable all variations

Make sure all versions of your product in the campaign are turned on. Amazon uses the total sales from all enabled ASINs to calculate ad rank.

Product is ineligible

Go into one of your campaigns in the Amazon Ads console, check the "Ads" section, and see if the "status" field is green.

Find out why there's a problem and fix it. To make sure it's fixed, start a new automatic Sponsored Products campaign in your account with a $1 budget.

If the product is eligible and gets at least one impression, the issue should be resolved.

Then, archive the old Advigator campaign (from campaign settings) and reactivate it.

Catalogue issues

If your product page doesn't meet these standards, your ad might not show up much:

  • Changed browse node - Go to your ASIN's public page and verify that Amazon has not changed the browse node to an irrelevant one. If so, open a support ticket with Amazon to change it back.

  • No issues or warnings in the Inventory section of Amazon Seller Central.

  • The main photo should have a pure white background with the product clearly shown at the front.

  • At least 4 photos of the product.

  • More than 15 customer reviews with an average rating above 3.5 stars.

  • Enough stock is available and the product must be eligible for Prime shipping.

  • Winning the Buy box

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