Archive obsolete products

If you permanently remove a Parent ASIN (and all its variants) from your Amazon catalog, you can archive the campaign group by going to Advigator > Settings > Archive products.

If you archive just one child ASIN, the campaign group will be kept to preserve the historical data used by the other variants in the group.

Archiving a Campaign

You might need to archive a campaign in rare situations:

  • Amazon suspended your product for policy violation, and it's allowed back later.

  • You added thousands of negative keywords and exausted the available space in the adgroup. First, delete all the negative keywords from the Advigator dashboard, then archive the old campaign, and re-enable the campaign group.

Don't worry about losing your targeting data. It's saved at ASIN-level and will be included in the new campaign.

Want to start fresh by resetting your data?

Archiving a campaign doesn't delete historical data because we use this information to set appropriate bids per click for new campaigns. However, if you feel that the bids per click are too low because the product hasn't been converting well, you could:

  1. Adjust the Target ACoS to change the bids per click, allowing new data to refine future estimates.

  2. For a full reset, archive the Parent ASIN on Amazon and update the catalog in Advigator (Settings > Import Products) and start a new campaign group.

Did you accidentally archive a campaign in Amazon Ads console?

No worries. Make any change in the campaign group (e.g., turn it off/on), and when synchronization occurs, a new one will automatically be created if the existing one is archived.

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