Amazon Ads 101

Keyword vs Customer search term

The "Customer Search Term Report" in Amazon Advertising shows you the exact words or phrases people type into Amazon when they're looking for something. This is different from a keyword, which is what you, the seller (you), choose to target in your ads to match these search terms.

Let's use an example with a keyword in Phrase or Broad match:

  • Keyword (what you set up): "yoga mat"

    This is a term you decide to target in your ads. You hope it's what people will search for when they want to find products like yours.

  • Search Term (what customers actually type): "thick yoga mat for beginners"

    This is a specific phrase someone typed into Amazon's search bar. They're looking for a particular type of yoga mat.

In a Phrase match, your ad might show up when someone searches for "yoga mat" along with other words before or after it, like "thick yoga mat for beginners" because it includes your exact phrase "yoga mat."

So, the "Customer Search Term Report" helps you see what real customers are searching for, and understanding the difference between search terms and keywords helps you fine-tune your ads to reach the right people.

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