Placement bidding

The placement is the position where your sponsored product appears.

Depending on where the product appears, it can have different conversion rates. On average, Top of Search is the most effective.

PlacementConversion rate %

Top of search


Detail page


Rest of search


Since conversion rates vary for each placement, the bids per click and the allocation of the spent budget will also need to differ. Otherwise, by setting the same value, you'll end up paying too much for lower-performing placements (e.g., Rest of Search) and won't have visibility in the better-performing ones (e.g., Top of Search). You can achieve better budget efficiency by setting different bids per click for each placement.

In Amazon Ads, you can do this with the "Placement bid multiplier." Just decrease it for Rest of Search and increase it for Top of Search. Easy, right?

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't support negative percentages, only positive ones.

Advigator solves this problem too.

You can find the percentages used by going to Targeting > Placement bidding.

Advigator calculates the conversion rates for each campaign by analyzing the "placement report". Then, it reduces the bids per click equal to the worst placement and uses multipliers to adjust the values.

You might see low bids per click in Targeting, but keep in mind that the final CPC may be higher due to the placement multipliers.

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