Hourly bidding

Conversion rates change throughout the day. Nighttime clicks are less likely to lead to purchases than daytime ones.

Here's an example of how the conversion rate (orders/clicks) can vary in a real case in the E

A click during the day is more likely to result in an order compared to one at night.

This curve can vary slightly for each product or marketplace.

Advigator imports hourly data (Amazon Marketing Stream) for your products, calculates this curve, and uses it to adjust bids per click for each hour of the day. So, if you open Targeting at 3 AM, you'll see lower bids per click compared to noon.

This is a highly optimized strategy that allows you to:

  • Avoid wasting budget during night

  • Allocate the budget during the high-converting hours

  • Have more budget at the end of the day when your competitors may have exhausted theirs.

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