Improve your product listing
A good quality catalog is extremely important to improve the performance of advertising campaigns. An excellent photo and title allows you to have a high CTR% - leading to better positions in search results at a lower cost. An optimal product page leads to a high conversion rate and therefore a lower ACoS%.

Keywords in the title

Make sure the headline is readable, concise, and less than 150 characters. Check that the first 70 characters (visible from mobile) contain enough information for the consumer to distinguish the product.
Use data from advertising campaigns (Targeting section) and put the keyword you get the most orders from at the beginning of the headline, checking that it makes logical sense. This will increase the relevance of the product.
There should be no keyword repetition in the title (keyword stuffing) and it should make sense for a human to read.

Main image

Check that the main image shows the product in the foreground and with a white background. Make sure the consumer can clearly distinguish product details from the search results without having to enter the product page to see the other photos.
Secondary photos are imported to show other features and technical attributes of the product or show it in its context of use.

Products in the wrong category

If you find the products grouped by generic categories (e.g. 'men's fashion', 'sports' or 'unknown'), it means that the ASINs were not placed in a leaf browse node. It is recommended to be as specific as possible and enter a node in depth.
For example, this product was incorrectly placed in the generic browse node 'Clothing > Men'. It should be in 'Clothing > Men > Shoes > Athletics > Running > Trail Running'. If the campaign is not generating spend or the product is not coming up in the search results this could be the reason.
Always verify that the product is placed in the browse node most relevant to your product. A black-hat technique seen in some sellers is moving the product to other nodes with less traffic to win the 'best-seller' badge. Or it's possible that in automatic relevance checks, Amazon moves the product to another node. In this case, you'll need to open a case in Seller Central to fix it.
In all cases, always verify that it is the correct node. Amazon uses the most relevant search terms for specific nodes to determine relevance with the product. For example, for the search term 'hiking shoes', Amazon assigns more relevance to products in the node 'hiking shoes' rather than 'running shoes'.

SEO Optimization

We've developed a free Chrome extension to help you quickly identify which issues to fix. For best results make sure most or all of the dots are green.

Very few reviews

Amazon recommends advertising products that have the status of "Amazon readiness", that is, with a minimum of 15 reviews and 3.5 stars. If you have lots of products that don't reach this minimum criterion, you may not get much visibility and a higher ACoS than your chosen ACoS target.
Last modified 5mo ago