Targeting Breadth

In this section, you will find analyses on the number of keywords or competitor product pages from which you receive traffic/orders.

Unique count

Every day, new search terms might lead people to your product. This chart shows how many new search terms were used each day for the first time. A line going up means more new keywords are bringing traffic each day. Over time, as most keywords get used, you'll see fewer new ones, so the line will level off.

Keywords length

Keywords are categorized by how many words they contain. A one-word keyword (like "coffee") is called a "Short tail". If it has 2-3 words, it's a "Mid tail". More than 4 words make it a "Long tail".

The longer a keyword is, the more it shows what the consumer specifically wants. For example, "coffee maker with milk steamer" is a long tail because it's very specific.


Every day, your customers might discover your product using different search terms.

In this chart, we count the number of search terms that are seen for the first time on a particular date.

So, a rising line means that each day you're getting traffic from keywords that have never appeared before. Naturally, over time, the possible keywords tend to decrease, so you'll see the curve flatten out in the long run.

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