Start a campaign
How to activate advertising campaigns with Advigator.

Start campaigns for a product

Enter a daily budget per product, set the ACoS target, click activate and choose the advertising formats of the campaigns. You can leave the default strategy 'Balanced' for now.
Congratulations! Within 15 minutes you'll see the new campaigns in your Amazon Advertising Console account. Remember to pause any other active campaigns on the same product to avoid overlap.

Start campaigns for all products at once

To quickly activate campaigns for all products in the catalog you can use 'Bulk Operations'.
You can apply the same configuration to all products in the catalog by choosing a daily budget per product, ACoS target, advertising formats. Check the box 'apply to the whole catalog' and then press 'Apply to all'.
Congratulations! You have activated campaigns for the entire catalog. Creation will begin within 15 minutes. Depending on the number, it may end within an hour. From your side, there is nothing else to do.

Start campaigns for a subset of products

If you want to activate campaigns in bulk for a set of products you can use filters and bulk operations together.
You can filter products by attribute (e.g. title, category, or brand):
Or filter according to a custom grouping by pasting the ASINs. Since a campaign can contain more than one product (e.g. Parent-ASIN or category variants), with this filter select the campaigns that contain at least one of the ASINs entered.
Next, enter the configuration you want to enable. Make sure you've checked the 'filtered only' box and hit the button.
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