Daily budget
In Advigator, the daily budget is set at the product level and is distributed equally between campaign types (Sponsored Products, Display, and Brand Video). Manual and automatic campaigns for Sponsored Products will be 80%/20% of the total for Sponsored Products. You can change the allocation as you prefer by going to the campaigns section of the product.

What effect does the budget change have?

The budget controls the number of clicks that can be purchased in a day and therefore the daily duration in which the product will be sponsored.
Advigator doesn't optimize based on budget, so even entering 10,000$/day won't change the position in the search results, nor the sales volumes. It will only guarantee that the product will be sponsored all day long. Obviously, the more clicks there are, the greater the likelihood of sales.
The fact that the budget runs out before the end of the day is not in itself a problem if it has generated sales. Our advice is to increase the budget to cover the whole day, as long as the monthly ACoS is around the desired values (target ACoS) and the Targeting section contains only keywords relevant to the product.

What determines how quickly the budget is consumed?

The budget is consumed more quickly if:
  • You increase ACoS targeting - increasing the number of keywords through more relaxed targeting strategies (e.g. 'No Filter')
  • Search traffic (impressions), or clicks on the product (CTR%) increase
  • Remember - increasing the product budget will not increase the actual spending

Marketplace-level budget

If you have a lot of products, it might be useful to set a marketplace-level budget. This way, if the sum of the daily spend of all marketplace campaigns reaches the set threshold, all campaigns will be paused by Amazon - even if the individual campaign budgets are not reached.
Last modified 5mo ago