Keywords and product pages on which to promote the product.

What is Targeting?

Targeting is the set of keywords and product pages on which the product will be sponsored.

Advigator prepares targets by analyzing data from past campaigns (search terms report) and relevant data are taken from Amazon web pages (e.g. Title, bestsellers in the sub-category, new releases etc.).

The search terms report contains the search terms the customer used to arrive at the product page when an advertising campaign was active. If you've had active campaigns for a long time, this report will contain hundreds or thousands of search terms.



Why is the targeting empty?

  • You had no active campaigns in the last 60 days

  • Past campaigns for this product also sponsored other Parent-ASINs within the same ad group, and therefore we cannot map keywords to the single ASIN.

In all cases, if the Targeting is empty, you can set the "No filter" strategy for the first few weeks and then switch to balanced. Advigator will take care of finding the first data, filtering the best-performing ones and correcting the offers per click.