Campaign activation

How to activate advertising campaigns with Advigator.

With Advigator you no longer have to manage individual campaigns, because they are grouped at the product level. This grouping is optimal for distinguishing and mapping the sales of a product with the source keyword, not possible by promoting different products within the same ad group.

If you have a catalog with more than 1,000 Parent-ASINs you could see the campaigns grouped by sub-category (browse node).

Sponsor only one product

Click on "Activate", enter a daily budget and choose an ACoS Target.

Done. Within minutes you will see the new campaign created in the Amazon Advertising Console. Remember to pause any other active campaigns on the same product to avoid overlap.

Daily budget

The daily budget will be distributed for the types of campaigns chosen (Sponsored Products manual and automatic, Display and Video). By default, it is distributed equally and, within Sponsored Products, 20% on automatic and 80% on manual. You will be able to change the % by going to the Campaigns tab. It is important to know that the budget is not considered by Advigator to decide how much to spend on individual keywords, and the algorithm does not aim to consume the entire daily budget. We recommend starting with what you are used to spending and increasing it if it runs out before the end of the day.

Target ACoS

Target ACoS is like a ship's rudder. By increasing it, the product will receive more impressions and clicks, but if they don't convert to orders proportionally, there will be an increase in ACoS. On the contrary, by decreasing the ACoS target, the impressions / clicks will also decrease, but the orders will be more profitable.

This is because Advigator adjusts the bids per click based on the Target ACoS, the average selling price of the product and the conversion rate of the keyword. When they increase / decrease one of these factors then they increase / decrease the bids per click. Advigator's goal is to adjust spending every day so that, in the long run, the ACoS is equal to the ACoS Target.

In general, we recommend choosing an ACoS Target equal to 5% -10% below your break-even point (ACoS break-even). For example, if the product's ACoS break-even is 30%, you can set 25% ACoS target. When you want to increase product visibility, just increase the ACoS Target and vice versa.

Targeting strategy

When Advigator analyzes the advertising report data daily, it filters and sponsors only the keywords and product pages that meet the criteria of the chosen strategy.

For example, by choosing "Conservative: at least one order", by analyzing the historical data they are filtered and sponsored only on the keywords that led to at least one order.

With "Balanced: at least one order or high CTR%", only terms with orders, or if they have not yet received an order, with a CTR% greater than the average and at least 20 impressions.

With "No filter" no filter is applied to the set of data and therefore all new terms from which the product has received clicks are continuously sponsored. This is only suitable if the product has just been launched and applying a filter right away would not lead to results.

In general, you can choose the "Balanced" strategy and switch to "Conservative" when the product is mature and with at least 300-600 keywords with sales.

Ad formats

If your account supports Sponsored Display and Video, then you will see checkboxes to enable these ad formats as well. The targeting is shared between all advertising formats but with an optimized bid per click for each format.

Yes, you read that right. By simply ticking a checkbox you duplicate the targeting and keep everything in sync and optimized.

Bulk Operations

If you have many products you will find it convenient to apply the same configuration to multiple products by going to "Bulk Operations". The configuration can be applied to the entire catalog (by checking the "all catalog" box) or only to the products currently displayed in the list (by checking "select all"). You can use the filters (buttons on the right) to filter a category / brand.

Basically, in less than 10 seconds you can activate campaigns optimized for all advertising formats for the entire catalog.