Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my campaign not generated impressions after more than 24 hours?

    Verify that the product is in Buybox and your ad account is the winner.
    Log into Amazon Advertising, go to one of the active ad groups and verify that it says 'Eligible' on at least one of the sponsored ASINs.
      If you find 'awaiting review' it means you'll have to wait for Amazon's review to see if the ad complies with their policy
      If you find 'Not Eligible' verify that the SKU/ASIN is not a Parent-ASIN, has inventory available and the catalog is unadvertised (no photos, title guidelines etc). If you can't identify the reason contact Amazon Advertising support
    Verify that there are no other active campaigns on the same product other than Advigator's.
    Check that the leaf node is present and is the most relevant for the sponsored product. To verify relevance go to the 'Best Selling' products in the leaf node and verify that they are similar/competing products to yours.
    The ACoS Target you have chosen may be too low. Increase it gradually (40-60%) until you get the first impressions/sales.

Why is there no data in Targeting?

    You did not have any active campaigns in the last 60 days
    Past campaigns for this product also sponsored other Parent-ASINs within the same ad group, so we cannot map keywords to the individual ASIN.
    There are negative keywords that exclude all present keywords. See how to use negative keywords.
In all cases, if Targeting is empty you can set the strategy 'No Filter' for the first few weeks, then switch to the balanced strategy. Advigator will take care of finding the initial data, filtering the best-performing ones, and correcting the bids per click.

Why isn't the ACoS exactly the same as the target?

The target ACoS is used by Advigator (along with the sales price and conversion rate) to set bids per click so that over the long term the ACoS of the product is around the target.
Some situations where there might be a difference between the target ACoS and the actual ACoS:
    Spending/sales data is low (< $100) and statistically insignificant
    A higher ACoS target was set in the past (> 40%) and only recently reduced
    There are manual keywords
    Targeting strategy is set to 'No Filter'
    In Targeting there are misleading keywords for the end consumer
    The selling price has been reduced recently
    The chosen ACoS targeting is too low and the optimal bids per click would be below the minimum threshold to get visibility - we generally recommend 5% below break-even ACoS
    The product has recently received a negative review or there has been a deterioration in the conversion rate of the page
    The product is in an unsuitable leaf node
    The product page has an SEO score of less than 70%
    An occasional category event (Prime Day, Black Friday etc.) has focused more competition on ad space, increasing the CPC over the bids per click set by Advigator
In order to decrease the difference between the actual ACoS and your target, we recommended that you:
    Decrease the Target AcoS
    Choose the 'Conservative' strategy
    Remove any manual keywords
    Do not vary the selling price
    Make sure that the product page is of high quality and respects the official guidelines

What is the difference between the bid per click calculated by Advigator and the one suggested by Amazon?

The suggested bid is simply an average of other sellers' bids. It is not optimized based on the selling price of the product, the conversion rate of the page, or the desired ACoS. Having a higher selling price than your competitors allows you to have higher bids per click and therefore more visibility. Same for the conversion rate - the better the page converts clicks into orders, the less you'll need to spend on advertising and if you're willing to spend more for a click, you'll rank higher than your competitors.
For these reasons the offer suggested by Amazon is never taken into consideration by Advigator to choose the offers per click.

Are negative keywords added automatically?

No, we prefer to reduce the bid per click for less-performing keywords and leave it up to you to exclude them if they are misleading or irrelevant to the product. If you've chosen the 'Conservative' strategy, you'll only have keywords that have generated orders in the past and therefore are very likely to be relevant.

What manual actions can I take to improve performance?

Here are some ideas:
    Check Analytics > Search Terms Report for keywords with many clicks and few orders and check for any misleading or irrelevant keywords
    Check out the guide on negative keywords to understand the process to follow
    Check out the guides on conversion rate and CTR to find out how to improve it
    Assess the health of your product page using our free Chrome extension. To do this, install the extension, visit your product's Amazon page and make sure all the dots on the 'SEO Optimization' tab are green
    Determine which products have run out of budget, and increase the budget if the ACoS is around your chosen target ACoS

Should I add keywords?

No, it is better not to add keywords and let the system find them automatically through the analysis of advertising reports.

How to add a new marketplace or account?

Yes, you can manage unlimited seller accounts with the same subscription by clicking "+ add marketplace" from the marketplace list page.

Can I invite a collaborator?

Yes. You must sign up with a new email in Advigator and connect to your Amazon account.
Sales tend to pile up in the evening hours, but this doesn't prove that activating/deactivating campaigns within the same day leads to improvements.
    Traffic after 6 PM is higher, so expect to receive more orders
    An order confirmed at 6 PM might come from a click made in the morning or even in the previous 7 days. For example, the consumer may add the product to the cart and finalize the purchase in the evening, the next day, or even the next week
    Evening hours could have a high cost per click due to increased competitiveness, leading to worse ACoS despite additional optimizations
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