Frequently Asked Questions

What types of campaigns do you support?

We support Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand Video.

Can I add multiple seller/vendor/kdp accounts?

Yes, you can manage unlimited seller accounts with the same subscription by clicking on "+ add marketplace" from the marketplace list page.

Can I invite a collaborator?

Yes. It must register with a new email in Advigator and connect to the Amazon account.

Do I need to add keywords?

Nope, preferably it is better not to add any keywords and let the system find them automatically through the analysis of advertising reports. The only thing to do on your side is to exclude possible non-relevant terms.

Are negative keywords added automatically?

No, we prefer to reduce bid per click for the less performing keywords and let you decide if exclude them. If you have chosen to sponsor only keywords that have already led to sales in the past, those that are not relevant are not really included in the campaign.

Why is the ACoS not exactly equal to Target ACoS?

The ACoS target is used by Advigator (together with the sales price and conversion rate) to set the bids per click so that in the long term the ACoS of the product is around the target. Some situations where the difference between Target and actual may be greater:

  • Ad spend / sales figures are low (<$100) and statistically not relevant. An order more or a few clicks less will change the ACoS. Better to focus on something else.

  • A high ACoS target (> 40%), manual keywords or "no filter" strategy has been set in the past.

  • The sale price has recently been reduced.

  • The product has recently received a negative review or there has been a deterioration in quality performance.

  • The conversion rate is very low and therefore many clicks are required to get an order and therefore more time to influence the ACoS.

To decrease the difference between the actual ACoS and the Target it is recommended to decrease the Target ACoS (slightly below the break-even ACoS), choose the conservative strategy, do not vary the sales price and make sure that the product page is of quality and respects the official guidelines.

I am having good results with Advigator, how can I achieve more?

Here is a list of improvement activities:

  • Check which products are out of budget and increase them if the ACoS is <= target ACoS.

  • Go to Advigator > your product > Analytics > Search Terms Report and check for keywords with many clicks and zero orders and see if there are any keywords that are misleading or not relevant to the product. Read our negative keyword guide to understand the process to follow.

  • Read our conversion rate and CTR guides to find out how to improve them.

  • Check the health of the product page using our free Chrome extension. To do this, install the extension, visit your product's Amazon page and make sure that all the dots on the "SEO Optimization" tab are green.