Extract relevant keywords for a product

This section extract relevant keyword for a product and let you see if are present in the detail page.

Search rank

This is the position of this product in the keyword search results. A value of 1 means that the product comes out in the first position for this keyword. Low values mean that the term is very relevant.

Found in title / bullets / description

A good SEO practice is to make sure that relevant words are also included on the product page. Not all keywords need to be on the page. For example, competing brands cannot be included in your title. Therefore analyze all keywords one by one.

Import keywords into Advigator

If you have just launched a new product, and you want a few keywords to start your campaigns, here how you can do:

  1. Go to a very similar product in your niche
  2. Extract main keywords, then click “copy” button and paste it into an Excel file
  3. Repeat this for a few competitor products
  4. Carefully read all keywords pasted into the Excel file and delete those not relevant for your product
  5. Copy all relevant keyword into Advigator > Targeting > Custom > Custom keywords > Import list.