What is Advigator?

If you are a seller, vendor, KDP, or agency, you’ll have noticed that getting good results from Amazon Advertising campaigns requires a lot of time and technical knowledge. Making mistakes can rapidly lead to financial losses. Advigator takes care of campaign creation and optimization, providing you with an easy-to-use interface to achieve your objectives and sparing you the technical complexities.

Campaign creation

Advigator organizes campaigns by product (parent ASIN) to simplify management and target precisely. All targeting and budget activities are reflected in underlying campaigns.

Keyword research

Advigator finds competitors' keywords and ASINs on which to promote your product. This is done in two ways:

  • Advertising reports: If you are used to analyzing search term reports in Excel, you’ll understand how long it takes to filter out the most promising keywords. Advigator uses preset filter criteria to analyze reports and choose which keywords to sponsor - as if you were the one doing it.

  • Market data: To start your new product campaign Advigator scans Amazon’s public sub-category data to pick up only the most relevant keywords and product pages for your product. We robustly check the keywords to see if they are relevant, so you won’t have hundreds of meaningless terms.

  • Automatic targeting campaigns: We leverage automated campaigns to find new keywords that will be intercepted by daily analysis of ad reports.

Optimizing bids per click

Choosing the bid per click is one of the most delicate parts of the campaign process. Small variations can cause traffic to drop or ACoS to increase considerably. With Advigator, bids per click are set to the optimal point for each keyword - based on the product’s average selling price, conversion rate, and your Target ACoS.

Since sales data is constantly changing, bids are automatically recalculated and updated every day. This formula ensures that if a keyword has had few orders compared to clicks (low conversion rate) then it will also have a low bid per click, and vice versa.

You can control the visibility of your product in search results by varying your “Target ACoS”. An increase will increase bids per click to make your product appear higher in the search results, and vice versa. In general, we recommend setting the Target ACoS slightly below the break-even point.

Other optimizations

Other tasks are done by Advigator to save you time and get more results:

  • Keyword cleaning We aggregate data from terms that differ slightly (e.g. “iphone cover” and “cover for iphone”), plural/singular, and keywords written in a different order (e.g. “iphone cover” and “cover iphone”).
  • Negative keywords in SP Auto Keywords entered in the manual Sponsored Products campaign are entered as ‘negative keywords’ in the automatic Sponsored Products campaign to avoid overlapping.
  • Easier competitor filtering If you enter a phrase negative keyword, it is also used to discard competing products that have that word in their title.
  • Seasonal conversion rate trends We analyze conversion data at different time periods to account for seasonality and product page improvements/upgrades.

All these optimizations guarantee the maximum return from each dollar in advertising spend, which would not be possible if done by a human.

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