How to choose targeting size

The “size targeting” option changes the keyword selection criteria based on past and future performance. A loose criteria will make your product sponsor on many keywords but there might be a few relevant ones. While a tight criteria might bring too little traffic to your product page. Choosing the targeting size is equivalent to choosing the right trade-off between relevance and breadth.

How Advigator choose which keywords to add?

The customer search terms report

Your customers can reach your product page through hundreds of search terms. Some of these will be relevant in the sense that the customer wanted to buy exactly a product like yours. Others will be irrelevant, meaning the customer is actually looking for another product. From advertising reports you can analyze all the search terms with which customers viewed, clicked and purchased your product. Advigator analyzes these excel reports every day for you to choose which keywords and competitor product pages to promote your product on.

Filter criteria

To choose which search terms are relevant with the product you’re selling Advigator analyzes orders and CTR. If a search term has generated an order then it will definitely be relevant and is always included in the campaign as a keyword.

A search term however may not generate an order right away, but may need more clicks. This is important to consider especially if the product is new. So if you choose the “Balanced” strategy, search terms without orders will also be included as keywords, but only if they have a higher than average CTR and at least a few impressions. CTR% is defined as impressions/clicks and a high value means that the product was highly clicked in search results and therefore likely to be relevant.

If you have recently launched a product and therefore there is not enough data on which to apply filters on the number of orders or CTR then we recommend choosing “no filter”. In this way all search terms that bring clicks to the product page are included as keywords in the campaign. Clearly this will make the set of keywords grow very quickly and allow you to collect more data. Once you have reached at least 100-300 keywords we recommend switching to “Balanced”.

Match types

Advigator adds any suitable search term as a keyword in the three match types (exact, phrase and broad). This creates an automatic and recursive mechanism of finding new keywords. We recommend keeping these active as default. To avoid overlaps we use a tiered-bidding strategy.