How to choose negative keywords

Negative keywords exclude your product’s visibility from irrelevant search terms. They are important because they improve the efficiency of your budget.

Do not add keywords as negative just because they had a high ACoS because Advigator might already have reduced their bid per click.

Advigator never adds negative keywords for you. If a keyword generates many clicks and no sales then we reduce the bid per click. Or it is not included in targeting at all depending on the targeting scope settings.

Every negative keyword you add in Advigator is automatically added to all campaign types (Sponsored Products, Display and Video).

Add negative keywords

To add a negative keyword go to Targeting > Negative > Keywords.

You can also individually exclude ASINs in the same way. If you add a negative keyword as phrase match, then we also remove from targeting any competitor ASINs that have that word in their title.

Find ideas for new negative keywords


Advigator analyzes and selects keywords for you according to orders and CTR metrics. Despite this, there may be some keywords that are not relevant.

In this example, the product is currently sponsored in some keywords that contain “indoor”. However, we know it is not relevant to our product and so we exclude the subword. Try to exclude the more precise subword so that it is faster and more efficient.

If you are uncertain about a keyword then preview the results on If very different products come up then it makes sense to exclude it.


Automatic Sponsored Products campaigns and phrase/broad match types are likely to generate irrelevant terms.

Go to Analytics > Keyword/Search terms > custom “new search terms” to see only the terms generated by these particular ad groups and look for search terms that contain keywords that are not relevant to your product. Don’t exclude only if they have high acos but only consider relevance with the product.


In suggestions you find the most frequent words found in search terms that have not yet generated orders.

Go to Targeting > Negative Targeting > Suggestions.

If in analytics many irrelevant terms were hard to find because they had few clicks, now you can see them grouped by the most frequent misleading word. In some cases the word is relevant, and it just needs more time to convert. So decide individually and carefully.

Negative exact match

In most cases you’ll want to add these words as a negative phrase match. Use exact match only when you are not relevant to that specific term but if the customer puts it within a longer search term it may be relevant. For example, if you sell an iphone cover, the product is not relevant to people searching for “iphone” (meaning the phone) but instead “iphone cover” is relevant. So you will exclude “iphone” as negative exact.

You don’t need to worry excluding relevant “short tail” keywords (e.g. “cover” ) as negative exact match, because Advigator sets a bid per click based to its conversion rate.

Add negative keywords to multiple products

If you have many similar products and want to add the same negative keyword to multiple products, then

  1. Go to Bulk Operations.
  2. Filter the products to which you want to add the negative keyword (by filtering by category or searching the titles)
  3. Enter one or more negative keywords and confirm


If you made a mistake, don’t worry. You can rollback. Enter the negative keywords you want to remove from the products.