How to choose daily budget

The optimal budget is one for which campaigns remain active for the entire day. If you are just starting out, choose a budget that you are used to spending and you can change it later.

Why isn’t the daily budget fully consumed?

Advigator doesn’t optimise campaigns so that the daily budget is fully consumed throughout the day because we assume you’re more concerned about return on spend (RoAS/ACoS). The actual spend is constrained to the ACoS Target you choose. If you want to increase the actual spend you will have to increase the Target ACoS.

Product budget vs Campaign budget

You will set the daily budget at the product level and Advigator will distribute it to the different types of active campaigns. We recommend leaving the default values, but you can change them from the “campaigns” section of each product.

Ad type % of product daily budget
Sponsored Products 33% (80% manual, 20% auto)
Sponsored Display 33%
Sponsored Brand Video 33% (50% keywords, 50% PAT)
If you have only activated Sponsored products the product budget will be 100% on Sponsored products.

Marketplace-level budget

If you have a lot of products, it might be useful to set a marketplace-level budget. This way, if the sum of the daily spend of all marketplace campaigns reaches the set threshold, all campaigns will be paused by Amazon - even if the individual campaign budgets are not reached. We will also add a monthly portfolio-level budget (Advigator) calculated as a daily budget * 30.