Start campaigns for a product

How to start your first campaign

This group groups campaign types and product variants. Activating or pausing this group will make all related sub-campaigns (Sponsored Products, Display, Brand, Video) activate/pause. The daily budget at the group level will be allocated automatically based on how many campaign types you have activated.

How to start

  1. Toggle the activation button
  2. Enter a daily budget
  3. Set your long-term ACoS target (We recommend 20-30%)
  4. Tick the advertising formats you want to enable. For Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Brand Video campaign you will need to upload an image or video.
  5. That’s it! Within 15 minutes you will see campaigns created in your Amazon Advertising account. Please remember to pause any other campaigns you have active on these products.

From now on any changes (status, budget, keywords) you will have to make from the Advigator dashboard and will be synchronized after a few minutes in your Amazon Ads account.