Start campaigns for a product

How to start your first campaign
  1. Enter a daily budget per product
  2. Set the ACoS target
  3. Set Balanced as targeting size (you can changed it later)
  4. Toggle the “active” button
  5. Choose Advertising formats (Sponsored products, Display or Video) if you are enrolled in Brand Registry

Explore campaigns in Amazon Advertising Console

Within 15 minutes you will find the newly created campaigns in a new portfolio (called Advigator) in your Amazon Advertising Console account. You will find 2 campaigns for Sponsored products (auto and manual), 1 for Sponsored Display and 2 for Sponsored Brand Video (keywords and targets). The product budget will be distributed among the campaigns.

What to keep in mind:

  • Pause any other active campaigns on the same product in your Amazon account to allows our campaigns to get traffic.
  • If you want to make any changes to your campaigns (e.g. change budget, pause, change bids or remove keywords) do it from your Advigator dashboard and it will be synced within minutes. If you make changes directly in the Advertising Console they will be overwritten because we have no way to be notified of the change.