Sponsored Display

Add a custom image, headline or brand logo to your Sponsored Display campaign

By default Amazon includes the product photo and title as the creative for your Sponsored Display campaign. You can change this creative to any combination of custom image, headline, and logo.

How to create the creative ad with Advigator

Let’s start by enabling the “Sponsored Display” format.

then go to Creative Ads > Add Sponsored Display

Step 1: Select a custom image

Here you will be able to see lifestyle images already uploaded to “Amazon Creative Assets.” You can add new photos directly into Amazon Ads and save them as “Lifestyle images” or by clicking on “Upload a new file.”.

Once selected, you can crop the photo for rectangular and square sizes.

If you want to continue without any custom images then click on “Skip custom image” in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Logo, headline and ASIN

You can choose whether to include your brand logo or a headline, or both.

The headline should be relevant with the product and image, and not use pressuring language (Amazon Ads policy).

No ideas for headline? Download our free Chrome extension and get inspiration from other similar products.

Step 3: Review and send for approval

Review your creative and send it for approval to Amazon. The Amazon moderation team will review it within 24 hours. If approved, your ad creative will automatically be active in your sponsored Display campaign, otherwise you will receive an email with the reason for rejection. If rejected you will have to delete the creative and create a new one that meets Amazon Ads guidelines