Importing products

Connect your Amazon Advertising account and import products.

1. Select a geographic area and log in with Amazon

Choose your geographic area and click on ‘login with Amazon’. You will be redirected to Amazon Advertising to link your Amazon Advertising account.

2. Choose profiles

Tick the marketplaces you want to import and proceed

3. Done. Wait for the configuration

Depending on the size of your catalog, the import could take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. If you have a very large inventory it could take up to 24 hours. You will receive an email when everything is ready.

We won’t make any changes to your existing campaigns during setup. We only import ad report data and the ASINs catalog. Then you will have the option to choose which products to activate.


No profiles found

  • Make sure you are connecting with the Seller/Vendor account. You should be able to log in by going to
  • If you have never done a campaign in your life, you should go to and create a Sponsored Products campaign. You can choose 1$ of budget, wait for a few impressions and pause it. After that, try reconnecting the Amazon account with Advigator.
  • If you are a secondary user and got access through ‘User Permissions’ in Seller Central, you need to make sure you have View / Edit permissions for Campaign Management.
  • Check that you are not using a VPN, ad-blockers, Warp DNS or other tools that obfuscate your IP address
  • Try connecting using incognito browsing

I am based in EU and I don’t see the US accounts

This is an techinal issue from Amazon regarding “Login with Amazon”.

  • Go to Amazon Advertising US (
  • Invite a secondary user to edit/view advertising for US marketplace (like
  • Logout and access through this secondary user in Amazon Advertising US, then create a Sponsored Product auto campaign using the classic Amazon Console UI.
  • Once created a test campaign in US, wait a few hours to let Amazon systems updates
  • After that, go to Advigator > Add new account > and log with Amazon using this secondary user (
  • If you still not see the US profiles, try repeat after 24 hours or contact our support.