This section shows the keywords selected by Advigator where the product will be sponsored.

The conversion rate is estimated from historical data considering all campaigns that have sponsored products in this group in the past (including those outside Advigator).

The bid per click is calculated from the average net sales order (excluding sales tax and promotions), the estimated conversion rate, and the target acos you choose. So keywords that have a higher estimated conversion rate will also have a higher bid per click, and vice versa. Bids per click of phrase/broad matches are tiered downward. So the phrase has a lower bid per click than the exact, and the broad lower than the phrase.

If you want to change bids per click you can do so by increasing or decreasing the Target ACoS. For example, if you increase the acos target you will increase bids per click and thus the product will rank higher in search results and get more traffic. Conversely, if you decrease target acos you will decrease bids per click.

After a few days of active campaigns with Advigator you will be able to see the performance in the Analytics section.