Optimization frequency

If you make a change to the budget, target acos or targeting size this is synced within 15 minutes in your Amazon account. Therefore when you change the target acos the bids per click are increased/reduced almost immediately. Optimizations like adding new keywords or adjusting the bid per click based on performance are done automatically every 24 hours as new data arrives.

Keep in mind that if you instead make changes directly in Amazon Console these are not synced to Advigator and therefore you may see them overwritten.

Change logs

You can see all bids and keywords changes by going to Amazon Advertising Console > History

Making changes directly in Amazon Advertising Console

We synchronize from Advigator to Amazon, and not vice versa. So if you want to activate/pause, change budget, add/remove keywords then you will have to do it from the Advigator dashboard. If we want to change our bids please change your ACoS target or use Targeting > custom keywords to set your own bid for a particular keyword. The changes will be applied after a few minutes in your Amazon account. If you make changes directly in Amazon Advertising Console for us they result as “unplanned” and we replace with those in our systems.

Keywords with orders being paused

Search terms with orders are always sponsored in your campaigns. If we pause a keyword with orders, it might mean it has been enabled in a similar version but with higher traffic.

For example, if you see “running-bike” being paused, it might be enabled “bike-for-running” or “running-bikes” or other plurals/singular variations. We prefer enabling the search term with higher traffic. You will appear for all variations because they are considered the same by Amazon, even for exact match.

Campaign spent more than the daily budget

The budget you set in Advigator at the product level is distributed to the underlaying campaigns (Sponsored Products manual, auto, Display and Video).

For the single campaign, Amazon can spend up to +25% on the single day. At the end of the month you will not spend more than the daily budget you’ve set, multiplied by the number of days in that month. More info here: https://advertising.amazon.com/help?#GTGPQGUXNCTHE2DS

Archive campaigns

If your product has been suspended or other reasons, you may need to archive a campaign. You can go to Advigator > select product > Campaigns > Archive campaign, and it will be archived in your Amazon Advertising Console within minutes. Then you’ll be able to start a new one. You will not lose data and the new created campaign will contains the same targeting data as before.