Low impressions

It may happen that campaigns generate zero or few impressions after more than 24 hours for a few reasons:


  1. Go to Amazon Advertising
  2. Select a campaign (like SPA, Sponsored Product Auto) and select an adgroup (like Auto)
  3. Verify that all enabled ASIN/SKU have the “delivering” status in green. If not, fix the problem. For more explanation on the cause you can open a case in Amazon Advertising. Usually it’s policy violation issues or particular category restrictions.

Product detail page

For good results, the product page must meet these requirements (Amazon readiness):

  • Main photo with pure white background showing the product in the foreground
  • Title must match image
  • At least 4 photos
  • 15+ Reviews and 3.5+ stars
  • Available inventory and eligible for prime shipping
  • No warnings in your Inventory tab in Amazon Seller Central.

Missing Browse node

Verify in the product detail page that the ASIN has been associated with a deep browse node. If it is associated only to a root browse node (e.g. “Sports & Outdoor”) it may not generate traffic due to low discoverability. You need to have a deeper browse node like Skateboards.

Enable all ASINs

Verify that all ASINs in the parent ASIN are enabled. The more variants there are active, the higher will be the Ad Rank obtained by the sponsored ad. Activating all ASINs makes no difference to the budget spent, so we recommended to enable them all.

Overly ambitious Target ACoS

Advigator analyses the product’s historical conversion data. If it had very low conversion rates (orders/clicks) (< 1%) and then very high ACoS (> 100%) you may not reach your target ACoS because the optimal bids per click would not be competitive enough. In this case we recommend setting a target ACoS that is similar to what you had in the past and gradually reducing it as new orders come in.