SEO Optimization
In this view, you will find the main factors that impact the SEO of your product page.
The percentage (e.g. 83%) measures how many points are satisfied.


This section measures the readability of the product page. It has been proven that the user reads the page very quickly and scans the main information. It's vital that they can quickly find what they are looking for.


These are the factors that most directly impact sales. It is recommended to do advertising campaigns with at least 3.5+ stars and 15 reviews.


Discoverability guarantees that the product is searchable. It is important that it is entered in the correct browse node and that it is indexed. Check that your category contains products that are very similar to yours. Adding the product in another category (eg. to win the best-selling badge) is penalizing because the product will be less relevant in the correct category.


Providing more information about the product is important for the customer to understand the product's features and help them in the buying process.
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